Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PARKINSON EXERCISE ESSENTIALS: A New Program from the Davis Phinney Foundation

DVD ParkinsonExerciseEssentials sm Parkinsons Exercise Essentials DVD

The Davis Phinney Foundation is pleased to announce their newest initiative, an instructional DVD on exercising with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s Exercise Essentials: Getting Started, Staying Motivated and Seeing Results was developed in collaboration with Dr. Matthew Ford of The University of Alabama at Birmingham and provides the background information and tools needed to embark on a lifelong personal exercise program.

The DVD includes workouts that can be performed at home, in a fitness center or in the 
community. The workouts include guidance and adaptations for a range of ages and stages of Parkinson’s, from diagnosis through advanced stages of the disease. Thirteen people with Parkinson’s (ages 35 to 74) demonstrate that neither age nor disease progression need be barriers to fitness.  Their offical launch for this program will take place September 17.

Please visit to view a short preview of the DVD and learn more.  You can also view a movie trailer at  The DVD is free and can be requested online or by calling 855-346-7564.

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