Saturday, March 21, 2015

Change of Direction Progress Report 4

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As promised, here is another update on my wellness program.

As of 3/19/15 I had lost another pound, now down 24 pounds in eight weeks.  My
fat weight was down 1.5 pounds and water weight up 1/2 pound, both good things.  My muscle weight was also down 1/2 pound, not a good thing, but my exercise has kept muscle mass loss to a minimum, so the doctor was pleased.

The good news overall is that I am 4 pounds from my 12-week goal with four weeks to go.  The good news for this last two weeks is that I was in Chicago for half of that time.  Anyone who has been to Chicago knows that the food there is great!  Luckily, the temperatures were up to the 50-60 range, so we were able to do a good bit of walking from our apartment in the loop area.  We walked across the street to Millennium Park, up north on Michigan a mile or so to the John Hancock Building (where we had lunch on the 95th floor, one of my favorites), south more like 2 miles to the Shedd Aquarium and northeast about a mile to the Navy Pier.  This helped offset meals at Greek Town, the JH lunch, a Irish pub lunch, and a dinner at Harry Carry's sports bar.  I enjoyed each of these, but was able to make choices that limited the damage, not throwing "caution to the wind" as I have done in the past.

Now that we are back home, it is easier because I am back into my routine.  But I am not concerned about life after this program because I think I have a different mindset and enough knowledge to make good decisions.

I have set a new goal for the 12-week period another five pounds lower, which the doctor feels will get me to a desirable fat % where I should level off.  So far so good!  I don't look like I have lost as much weight as I have due to abdominal bloating that result from gastrointestinal changes in the last year, but I feel good.  Hopefully it is obvious which is the before picture.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015



The conference, brought to you by the Parkinson Association of the Rockies, is Colorado's premier conference focused on Parkinson's research and medical treatments. Conference attendees can expect to be educated, through seminars and panel discussions, on current research, medications and treatments, as well as tips and tricks to thrive with Parkinson's.
Conference also includes Clinical Research Resource Fair for conference participants to speak directly with clinicians and physicians who currently have open research trials as well as individuals who have participated in past and/or present clinical research trials.

Those serving the Parkinson community, individuals living with the disease and their care partners.

FREE TO ATTEND - Registration is Required

All conference participants, speakers and volunteers will be provided a box lunch. Coffee will also be available during registration. Breakfast or Snacks will NOT be provided prior to lunch. Please make sure you come prepared for your personal needs for meals/snacks for the morning portion of the conference.

Friday, April 10, 2015
Crowne Plaza, DIA
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Friday, April 10


Conference Check-in


Benefits of Research
Stuart Isaacson, MD


Benzi Kluger, MD

Stretch Break
Erica DeMarch, PT

What's Current: Updates on Ground Water & Stem Cells Research
Curt Freed, MD
Katherine James, PhD

Lunch and Resource Fairs

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Rajeev Kumar, MD

Stretch Break

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Margaret Schenkman, PT, PhD



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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Change of Direction Progess Report 3

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I am not trying to belabor this topic by providing these updates.  I am hoping that by sharing these details, others in my position will get a better idea of how to approach the issue of weight loss, keeping in mind that what I am really attempting to accomplish is overall wellness (via a program combining weight loss, exercise, and nutrition).  For more information or to locate a participating doctor in your area visit

Just in case I have not made this clear, the basic philosophy of the program I am using is to consume less calories on a daily/weekly basis than my metabolism.  Including the protein shakes the program provides, I had been consuming about 1250 calories per day (roughly half of "typical" metabolism, which I am trying to ramp up with increased exercise).  

Because I was concerned about losing too much too fast (not a good thing), I "loosened the reins" a bit to about 1400 calories per day, including a "serving" of red wine (4 oz.) in the evening.  My report today at the doctor's office indicated that I had lost an additional five pounds (now 23.5 lbs. total), three pounds of which was fat so I am still losing weight but at a decreased rate.  I am only five pounds from the goal I had set.

It definitely feels good to have lost this weight.  I am able to wear clothes that I haven't worn for years, so I have a lot of "new" wardrobe choices available to me.  I do have more energy in spite of the chronic fatigue that is part of my PD "package".  For example, I filled in for my son at a "father-daughter" dance recently (she is eight years old) and danced (more or less) for two hours.  I had a great time!  It always feels good to reach an important goal I have set for myself.

I realize now that the length of the program is important.  It is giving me time to "reprogram" myself.  I am developing new habits in terms of using the calorie book (particularly helpful in restaurants), portion size, and desirable level of the appropriate exercise.  I have said for many years that I am most comfortable making "informed choices".  I plan to put what I have learned into practice once the program is completed.  I have spent too many years "in the dark" not really wanting to know what I didn't know.  Now I know.  Ignorance,as it turns out, is NOT bliss.  OK, I'm getting carried away now, but you get the point.

This is not to say that I intend to never have another dessert or pastry, but when I do it will be an informed choice and will not lead to abandonment of the new habits I have only started to ingrain.  Also, this is a choice I have made for myself and I do not plan to become a "wellness evangelist".  That said, I will glad to discuss this subject with anyone who is interested.

All this talk is nice, but the real test will be my ability to stay on this path long term.  Once again, I am committed to doing this.