Saturday, March 21, 2015

Change of Direction Progress Report 4

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As promised, here is another update on my wellness program.

As of 3/19/15 I had lost another pound, now down 24 pounds in eight weeks.  My
fat weight was down 1.5 pounds and water weight up 1/2 pound, both good things.  My muscle weight was also down 1/2 pound, not a good thing, but my exercise has kept muscle mass loss to a minimum, so the doctor was pleased.

The good news overall is that I am 4 pounds from my 12-week goal with four weeks to go.  The good news for this last two weeks is that I was in Chicago for half of that time.  Anyone who has been to Chicago knows that the food there is great!  Luckily, the temperatures were up to the 50-60 range, so we were able to do a good bit of walking from our apartment in the loop area.  We walked across the street to Millennium Park, up north on Michigan a mile or so to the John Hancock Building (where we had lunch on the 95th floor, one of my favorites), south more like 2 miles to the Shedd Aquarium and northeast about a mile to the Navy Pier.  This helped offset meals at Greek Town, the JH lunch, a Irish pub lunch, and a dinner at Harry Carry's sports bar.  I enjoyed each of these, but was able to make choices that limited the damage, not throwing "caution to the wind" as I have done in the past.

Now that we are back home, it is easier because I am back into my routine.  But I am not concerned about life after this program because I think I have a different mindset and enough knowledge to make good decisions.

I have set a new goal for the 12-week period another five pounds lower, which the doctor feels will get me to a desirable fat % where I should level off.  So far so good!  I don't look like I have lost as much weight as I have due to abdominal bloating that result from gastrointestinal changes in the last year, but I feel good.  Hopefully it is obvious which is the before picture.


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