Friday, September 19, 2014

COMING SOON: Shaky Paws Grampa Website

In spite of popular demand, a new website for which you have all been waiting (or not) is under construction as we speak for Shaky Paws Grampa (aka me).  You might well ask, what in the world makes you think there would be interest in such a thing?  A legitimate question, the response to which was written by my crack PR department (once again, me):

Patient-Perspective Parkinson’s Resources

Kirk began speaking at PD support group meetings and events in 2011 after writing his first children’s book, often following presentations by PD doctors.  He noticed that the patients’ and their care partners’ interest level actually increased in many cases, not because what the doctors shared was uninteresting or unimportant, but because information was being shared by “one of their own” who could directly identify with much of what they were experiencing.  This was a new “voice” that they were not used to hearing.  In the years that followed, the value of patient input, perspective, focus and participation has become a central theme in the development of enhanced treatments and research.
Parkinson’s resources are anything that has the potential to improve quality of life for people with PD (PWPs) and their care partners. Resources on this website will include:   

  • Kirk’s books
  • Kirk’s blog
  • Kirk’s advocacy
Ø  Media interviews

  • ·         Kirk’s recommended resources
Ø  Top 10 recommendations for PWPs and Care Partners
Ø  PD education websites
Ø  PD information websites (Denver area PD events/research updates)
Ø  Alzheimer’s & Lewy body dementia information websites
Ø  Recommended reading list
Ø  Recommended PD blogs
Ø  Recommended dementia blogs

About the SPG logo

The rainbow became a central theme for Kirk during the latter stages of writing his Window of Opportunity book based on his desire to communicate that his quality of life remains very good despite the significant potential that he will develop dementia.  He wants to be clear that he has much for which to be grateful, not least of which is the positive energy and caring he experiences whenever he interacts with the PD community.  The central themes that have lead Kirk to this point and that continue to be important for him are hope, faith, and love.

Here is a preview of the blog page:


World Parkinson Congress 2013 in Montreal

Kirk’s blog can be found at

Kirk started writing articles for his blog around the time his first book was published (September 2011).  Not having any other bright ideas at the time, he adopted the book title as his “brand” for the blog.  Over time, Shaky Paws Grampa (SPG) has become his “identity” in the PD world.  The good news is that he hasn’t had to fight anybody for it and there was no competition for the web address (understandably).

He didn’t have any clear goals in mind for the blog when he started other than to make his target audience the “PD world”, opting to write about what ever inspired him at the moment.  Over time, various themes emerged:
·         Book or writing-related
·         PD-related information
·         Clinical research study advocacy/participation
·         Cognition issues
·         Living with PD-personal
·         PD meeting/conference announcements
·         SPG speaking engagements, media interviews, and webinars
·         Calls to action
·         Personal

Here is a chronological listing of articles broken down by category (click on title to view blog article).  Bolded titles are those Kirk recommends in particular for PWPs and care partners:
Book or writing-related:
PD-related information:
Clinical research study advocacy/participation:
Cognition issues:
Living with PD-personal:
PD meeting/conference information:
SPG speaking engagements, media interviews, and webinars:
Calls to action: