Tuesday, May 28, 2024



Response to article in Dr, Michael Okun blog:

As my symptoms have evolved over the last five years or so I have intentionally reduced my involvement in advocacy. I remain very much committed to the PD "palliative care movement" and INPCS.


Interestingly, I have become increasingly involved in music therapy since joining the Arizona Tremble Clefs (trembleclefsarizona.org). As my PD has evolved, my appreciation for this group and its members has grown. I have always enjoyed singing, but as my vocal ability has deteriorated, I find that what I enjoy most is the sense of community and caring shared by people who are "all in the same boat". Meanwhile, in the "real world" I am feeling more like the folks in "Animal House" that are led to a sofa reserved for social outcasts.


I now realize that music therapy is perfect fit in the palliative care model as it clearly improves quality of life, One of the major reasons is the acceptance and unconditional love we experience from the group and dedicated leadership.

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