Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Update on CND Life Sciences


My last blog article (An Exciting New Diagnostic Tool) talked about a new PD-related R&D company named CND Life Sciences that has created a skin biopsy test that detects the presence of alpha-synuclein, a mis-folded protein that has been a major target of PD research.  The first article was written before I had the Syn-One test, a minimally-painful series of three skin biopsies (back of neck, thigh, and lower leg).  My reasons for taking the test are below.

Personally, I want to know what I am dealing with so I can seek appropriate treatment and make informed choices for my future.  While this is not an endorsement, it is a recommendation for Movement disorder doctors, Palliative care teams, PwP’s, care partners and their families to research this new development.  For further information, visit CND LIfe Sciences - Home of the Syn-One Test™.

I received a report a few days ago with the test results.  The bottom line was that I had “abnormal” results from two of the three biopsies (neck and thigh).  Alpha-synuclein was detected in both locations.  Also, nerve fiber density was abnormal in both the thigh and lower leg biopsies.  Of course. “abnormal” is never good news, but it was a big step forward in three regards:

  •    I  It was consistent with the PD diagnosis I first received fifteen years ago.  There was no testing available at that time to confirm my diagnosis.  This is a big deal for those who are newly diagnosed!
  • The results were not consistent with a lewy body dementia (LBD) diagnosis.  Actually, it does not confirm dementia with lewy bodies diagnosis (DLB).  LBD has two subcategories which are DLB and PDD which are basically the same except DLB occurs at or close to diagnosis and does not always include PD whereas PDD occurs later in the course of PD.  (Confusing, I know!).  It is helpful for me as it at least rules out DLB (I am told), though symptomatically it amounts to the same thing.  I am told that research is being done to identify PDD.
  • The abnormal nerve fiber density results confirm my somewhat tentative observation/diagnosis of neuropathy which is definitely helpful.

Once again, I encourage patients who are dealing with confusion around any of the five neurodegenerative diseases included in the Syn-ONE test (including PD and LBD) to tell your doctors about CND Life Sciences.  You may have to push back some if they minimize the idea without looking into it  We all do that occasionally.

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