Thursday, January 2, 2020

Shaky Paws Grampa Update

I made a difficult decision during the summer of 2019 to discontinue my SPG website as I was scaling back on most of my advocacy activities.  As I approach my 12-year anniversary of my PD diagnosis, I am no longer able to do the things I have enjoyed so much over the years.   My PD focus and priorities these days still includes PD palliative care and Tremble Clefs, but I am spending most of my time "living in the moment" and enjoying my wife and family.

I have re-opened my blogspot site which contains my earlier articles.  The SPG website included all my articles, but I couldn't find a way to move the last half over to this site.  My books are still available on Amazon.

I appreciate the interest that has been shown for my website, blog, PD facebook page and advocacy activities since 2011!

Kirk Hall
January 2, 2020 

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