Thursday, February 19, 2015

Change of Direction Progress Report 2

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Since I made a commitment to the world (what was I thinking?) to follow through with this lifestyle & wellness program, here is an update on my progress.  

It has been about 3 weeks since my first progress report and 5 weeks since I started.  I have lost 18 pounds including 13 pounds of FAT (yuck!).  On the not so positive side, I have lost about 2.5 pounds of muscle mass, so I need to work on reversing that trend, as muscle consumes calories even at rest.  Also important is water % which has risen 2.5% from the start.

I think it is worth noting that we were on vacation in Florida for 12 days of the last 3 weeks.  In the past, I would have used this opportunity to forget about the diet and "run amok" (a term we use in our family for eating whatever we feel like).  This time, I had a plan and Linda to help me make it happen.  She packed the shake powder in plastic bags and we took our smoothie machine to make them.  I did go off the wagon a couple times in restaurants, but was able to "stay the course" overall.  Bike rides and walks on the beach provided the exercise I needed.

I am 10 pounds from the goal I set to reach after 90 days and I have not reached the halfway point.  Since it is not a good idea to lose too much too fast, I may make some minor adjustments.  However, if, strike that WHEN I reach my goal I will set a new one.

It is an oversight that I have not mentioned all the associated health benefits that I hope to realize from these changes, besides feeling better and having more energy.  I have been taking blood pressure and anti-cholesterol meds for over 30 years.  I would like to get off these altogether.  Statins (for cholesterol reduction) in particular have come under heavy fire in recent years.  Additionally, I started using a CPAP to avoid sleep apnea (which, left untreated, can kill you) about 15 years ago.  So I go to bed looking like a deep sea diver and sounding like Darth Vader (just ask my grandkids).  I have a realistic chance to leave that behind as well.

I went into this hoping to put a dent in my cognitive/memory problems.  So far, I have not seen improvement but hope that will change over time.

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