Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Christmas Wish

Linda and I met the amazing and talented illustrator for my Shaky Paws children's books 

(www.shakypawsgrampa.com), Alison Paolini, at her home in Paradise, CA in October.

Alison is a 78 year old PWP and accomplished artist. She will be moving to Canoga Park

just north of LA in the near future to live with one of her daughters. I am trying to help

Alison with her wish to have her fantastic collection of paintings (oil, water color,

sketches, framed & unframed, diverse subjects) sold to raise money for Parkinson's

research! A friend will be transporting the paintings to LA in December.  I hope all my 

PD friends will share this with their networks in LA. What is needed is  to put 

together some type of PD (or other-like a hospital) event in the LA area or tie into an 

existing one. 

I am going to try to channel Mickey Rooney so that all "us kids" can work together to find 

a way to make Alison's wish come true!  If I were Mickey, I would have a great idea for a

show and pull together the resources to make it happen.  This is where I need help. 

Anyone connected with the "PD world" in the LA area or who knows anyone in the 

LA area that might have ideas, connections, or be willing to help put together such 

an event, please email me at kirk1248@comcast.net.

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