Friday, July 18, 2014

Vote For Parkinson Association of the Rockies!

12th Annual Vitality Walk - Longmont


     Hi, this is a little virtual fundraising competition for the Parkinson 

Association of the Rockies. They are our scrappy little hometown Parkinson’s 

advocacy organization serving Colorado, Wyoming and beyond. They are not 

affiliated with any of the national organizations and as a result, they spend 

all of their money in our region.

     Please take a minute to vote for them in this contest. There’s no cost 

involved and you’d be doing a great organization a little favor (and if they 

win, they said that they’re going to bring a Rocksteady Boxing Program for 

Parkinson’s to Colorado, which would be excellent!!!).
    You can visit the contest here!

     The contest is over on Monday night at midnight so take a moment to 

vote for them right now.  There are additional prizes for the group that 

gets the most increase in Facebook likes so be sure to visit PAR’s 

Facebook page and “like” them-you can get there by visiting

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