Monday, March 25, 2013

Go For It 2

We have continued our "globetrotting" in 2013.  The first half of February was spent on a road trip to LA where we watched the Super Bowl and celebrated birthdays with Linda's brother and sister-in-law (decorum does not permit me to mention their ages which are 67 and 60 respectively).  We enjoyed riding our bikes on the LA Beach bike path from Redondo Beach to Manhattan Beach past El Segundo and Playa Del Ray to Marina Del Ray and back (about 20 miles round trip).  Lots of beautiful scenery at the beach as always (woof!) and great exercise.

We made a couple stops on the way to Phoenix, first at Riverside to see the historic Mission Inn which first opened in 1876.  We enjoyed the hotel's beautiful architecture, colorful gardens, impressive fountains and water features and old world charm.  

Next, we stopped for the weekend in Palm Desert, where we spent time at a street fair loaded with interesting booths and a golf manufacturer exhibition (I snagged a deal on a new pair of Foot Joys!).  Enjoyed an assortment of drinks and appetizer's at a cool place in  La Quinta called The Hog's Breath.

We flew to Maui with close friends Sven & Gunnel Dahlqvist (a nice Irish couple). We caught a luau one night at the Grand Wailea.  The hotel is over-the-top in its' grandeur, starting with the waterfalls in front of the hotel and features a small chapel that is a 

favorite for romantic Hawaii weddings.  If you are interested, be ready to pay big time for the wedding and hotel stay, though there are packages available (including one for renewal of vows).  We also took a combination snorkeling, whale watching, and turtle   

encounter cruise.  We did see many whales (moms, babies, & "escorts") and a few turtles, but the highlight of the trip was when a trio of whales (as just described) surfaced about twenty feet from our boat!  And we had great views as were sitting in the bow area.

We also took a drive on the "Road to Hana", a 68-mile (one way) stretch of two lane road (which frequently narrows to one lane at the many bridges we crossed) filled with non-stop curves and gorgeous views of the north shore, waterfalls, and tropical rainforest.  

The paved road ends shortly after Haleakala National Park, but there is a bumpy dirt road for adventurous 4-wheelers that provides a shorter ride back to the Wailea area.  The pools, waterfalls, and the dormant volcanic mountain the park is named after provide spectacular scenery at the park.

We are leaving tomorrow morning for five days in Laguna Beach, CA with our older son and his four kids (his wife has to work-shucks!).  We will be living in the lap of luxury at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort at Dana Point which was voted  one of the "Top 25 Hotel Spas in the World" by Travel and Leisure magazine.  We are looking forward to spending time with our son and grandchildren (2 of each gender, ages 5-9).  We will back home for Easter Sunday.

On April 11 we will drive to San Antonio to spend four days with our younger son who will be flying in from Shanghai, where he and his family are living for (at least) two years, to attend the National Science Teachers Conference.  We are ecstatic to have that time with him.  We will be staying in the Riverwalk area which we have heard good things about.

Of course, an important part of "Going For It" for me is continuing to seek ways to improve my quality of life in the face of PD and accompanying cognition issues.  I am happy to report that I am experiencing noticeable improvement since adding Namenda to my regimen over a week ago, especially in the "acuity" department.

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