Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas Poem

by Alison K. Paolini (illustrator for the Shaky Paws series)

Santa and his merry group
Sped ‘round the world with a sleigh full of fun
It was a cold dark night
He wrapped his muffler tignt
And he didn’t want to miss anyone.
The reintdeer shivered,
And they put mittens on .
Santa had to chuckle
To see them so.
He called to them encouraging words
And they all sped up a little faster,
Don’t you know.
As they rushed through the night
Raced with all their might,
And left toys and goodies oer the earth
Another child was born
As night turned into morn
And the world does celebrate his birth.
So as you wake and see the children
Open gifts of love and kindness
Praise the Lord and sing out loudly
Celebrate with song and feasting
‘Cause this day is doubly blessed.

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