Saturday, August 13, 2011

About Carson

As previously mentioned, my response to Carson regarding his question about my shakiness was probably what gave me the idea to at least take a stab at writing about the experiences surrounding that event, earlier and later, without a clear sense of what would come out of it.  I also mentioned my attempt to "reach inside Carson to find his inner voice".  That part was truly not hard for me.  I think that is because, even though he is seven and I am sixty two, we have a lot in common.

I have realized for quite a while that Carson reminds me of me.  I think he looks similar to me when I was his age.  Outwardly, he is rough and tumble and all boy.  He loves his sports and currently is involved in soccer, baseball, football, and golf.  He loves to wrestle and otherwise rough-house with his five year old brother.  But on the inside, he is extremely sensitive and caring. I think that is why I resonate so well with him.  We genuinely like each other and enjoy spending time together.

All the events described in the book actually happened.  Nothing was invented to "suit the story" (I should clarify that the surgery had not yet been performed and that I wrote about a positive outcome, which thankfully turned out to be the case).  Perhaps that is why the words flowed so easily onto the page.  I did change the order of a couple of the pages.  The page on my Easter prayer was a late addition since it had not occurred at the time I started the book.

My publisher asked for some current video of Carson and me as well as other family members for a video trailer they are producing as part of the PR.  My younger son, Brian, recorded the two of us playing catch with the football in his back yard and then playing touch football with his dad and sister.  At the end of the day he, as usual, wanted me to pick him up so he could give me a big bear hug.  The trouble is that he is getting so big and solid that he is not so easy to lift anymore.  I will have to lift weights to get in shape so I can continue to do that.  His hugs are well worth the effort.

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