Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The listing of resources for information on Essential Tremor and Parkinson's including symptoms, treatment, and support groups as well as deep brain stimulation is included in my book.  I have decided to share it here so that it will be available to as many people as possible.  I would like to ask my readers to consider donating to any of the organizations (with an *) below, perhaps in the name of a friend or relative who is or has been afflicted by one of these diseases.  I hope you will agree that this would be a wonderful Christmas gift.

1. Michael J. Fox Foundation* (
2. National Parkinson Foundation* (
3. Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center Movement Disorder Clinic*
4. American Parkinson’s Disease Association* (
6. National Young Onset Center* (
8. International Essential Tremor Foundation* (
9. Davis Phinney Foundation* (
10. Parkinson Association of the Rockies* (
11. List of Parkinsons organizations worldwide: (
12. To get contact information for Parkinson’s organizations and support groups in your area go to: and
13. For a referral to a movement disorder specialist in your area, contact the Movement Disorder Society in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at 414-276-2145.

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